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Hello Trusted Friends! Welcome to the Listenup Show the Mitchell Chadrow Podcast.

Apr 8, 2017

David Benzaquen Founder of PlantBased Solutions.

PlantBased Solutions is a Vegan Food Business Strategist, brand management, and marketing agency for plant-based consumer product companies, headquartered in New York.

David started out in the business working for an animal protection non-profit and as a natural products broker but in 2012 founded the plant based business. The company offers a range of services for pre-market startups through to huge global brands, including opportunity assessments, business planning and forecasting, new product development, market research, brand creation and a full range of marketing planning and execution. David has also brought together a large network of angel investors keen to support plant-based businesses. In this show he discusses: • marketing, branding, product development, finance, operations • Push marketing v pull marketing • broker v agency model (scaling), revenue, overhead/expenses, • The pros and cons of working with distribution companies and brokers • Digital marketing, social marketing, in-store samplings or events • Outsourced chief marketing officer - branding, distribution strategy, packaging design, • using employees v outside contractors. And much more Visit the PlantBased Solutions website Brands mentioned in the show roundup: plant based protein meal options chicken, beef, field marketing, PR, Events, social media - Gardein Ocean Hugger Foods, LLC Parent Company of Tomato Sushi, LLC

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