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Hello Trusted Friends! Welcome to the Listenup Show the Mitchell Chadrow Podcast.

Aug 8, 2017

Caffeine Guru Javazen Health Entrepreneur Eric Golman Show 049

Eric is the co-founder of Javazen, a brand of tea-infused coffee blends that combines the power of coffee with the health benefits of tea.

We talk coffee, caffeine, green tea, zen, caffeinated mindfulness.

Eric talks how he met Arianna Huffington CEO of the Huffington Post.

2016 Cupid’s Cup Entrepreneurship Competition delivering a five-minute pitch for $75,000.announced by Kevin Plank, the Founder, and CEO of Under Armour, guess what he also won the Audience Choice award.

The company mantra: “Javazen! It makes you feel good!”

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