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May 9, 2017


Nancy May is President and CEO, The BoardBench Companies, LLC (, Greater New York City Area a woman-owned board governance consulting group focusing on the advanced development and execution of public, private and not-for-profit board organization, company board quality, continuity, board succession and director placement. She is a member of the Economic Club of New York, the World Affairs Council and served on the Board of Directors of the Girl Scout Council of Connecticut. She also serves on the advisory council of NeuroSonics, Inc. and is listed in Who’s Who of Global Business Leaders and has been a guest lecturer for business and professional organizations, The Conference Board, National Geographic Films and numerous University graduate school programs. BoardBench Competencies and Offerings: - Board of Director succession planning, strategic board recruitment, and placement - Board evaluation and assessment - Board structure and development - Business alliance development and exchange - Director/Candidate advisory services - Governance and director technology assessment 1) What is the one thing that contributes most to your success 2) What is Board Bench Companies BoardBench ® gives companies a cost-efficient solution to manage the intricacies of their board succession needs. BoardBench helps companies plan and build custom teams of potential and qualified successors (benches) to fill board positions. It identifies, qualifies, monitors, and ensures the appropriate fit of these executives to each client company’s strategic needs and operating style. BoardBench supplies these services through yearly (or longer) strategic service plans. This delivers an efficient and highly cost-effective tool to manage a Board’s key continuity risks. 3) - How did you come up with the idea, 4) - who helped you with the launch and execution of her startup 5) tell me about your struggles with starting your own business - 6) who are your customers - your market strategy 7) distribution channel 8) The best business advice you ever received 9) Talk to us more about your personal story how you got started professionally 10) tell us about your past and current experiences with several other groups you are involved and take us through from start to now what you experienced get that startup off the ground - NeuroSonics, Inc. (Advisory Board) - EconimicVentures (Chairman of the Board) - International Women’s Forum - Economic Club of New York - World Affairs Council - American Women’s Economic Development Corporation - The Entrepreneurial Women’s Network - Women in Management 11) what inspired the startup idea: 12) Lessons learned from running for 13) What it takes to Manage and operate 14) the mission and goals behind - 15) and your community involvement - Girl Scout Council of Connecticut (Board of Directors, Executive Committee) - U.S. Small Business Administration: Honor as State of Connecticut's Women’s Business Advocate of the Year - Guest lecturer for business and professional organizations, including - The Conference Board: guest lecturer - National Geographic Films and numerous university graduate school programs Board and senior level executives representing large, mid-cap and private corporations worldwide. 16) resources used books hosting photos graphic design - Invited to meet President Clinton as a Nation’s top business leader 17) team 18) Three main takeaways 19) How can people stay in touch

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