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Listenup Show I Mitchell Chadrow talks with startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and others on building startups smarter several times a month! Why Listenup? Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, startup entrepreneur, career professional, an employee in transition or a successful business owner, or recent retiree, I want to help people just like you. I interview successful professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and find out the resources, tools, tactics, that they use to execute and implement their own personal and business goals. The guest's personal stories provide a roadmap of actionable and executable steps and a wealth of wisdom to help you achieve your own business, family, and life goals and dreams. These stories also provide solutions, practical advice and tips for everyday problems and issues.Startup now at
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Feb 10, 2017

CandiDate Founder Amber Wanner Show 037 The post Candidate Philly Find a Tech Job and Date Listenup Show 037 Startup Entrepreneuyr Podcast was first published on Recruiting meets matchmaking. The Candidate Story: CandiDate plays on your wants, needs, desires, goals, and more. Think Maslow Hierarchy of Needs from a candidates primary or physiological needs to ultimately reaching Self-Actualization in life. The company through their owners and board of advisors know the five stages well: 1. Biological and Physiological needs - air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep. 2. Safety needs - protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, freedom from fear. 3. Love and belongingness needs - friendship, intimacy, trust and acceptance, receiving and giving affection and love. Affiliating, being part of a group (family, friends, work). 4. Esteem needs - achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, self-respect, respect from others. 5. Self-Actualization needs - realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences. CandiDate is taking a holistic approach to the way things are historically done. CandiDate has taken the craft of Recruiting and combined it with the art of Matchmaking. We use the same process and technique that we use to find someone a job, in finding them a date. CandiDate is NOT exclusive to either service, but the idea is to fulfill the aspect of our candidate’s lives that has not been fulfilled yet, whether it is professional (job), personal (date), or both. At the end of the day, our candidates are our main focus and working with the tech community in Philadelphia to attract, maintain, and build Philadelphia to be a place they want to work, play, and start their family. What does this mean? Well, IF you are in the tech space and looking for a job OR you are in the tech space and are looking for a date, OR you are looking for both we are here to help. We are going to be holding fun tech events, and private mixers for our members, and free consultations so you can see exactly what CandiDate can offer you. Amber Wanner Founder & CEO Prior to starting the company, Amber spent 4 years working with the Philly tech community, to find and deliver exceptional tech talent to growing companies. She founded the company on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with the goal to fulfill not only her candidate's professional goals (jobs) but their personal goals as well (dates). She is passionate about providing her candidates with the best possible opportunities, so they can have a fulfilling career, and also have a fulfilling life outside of work. Find a Tech Job Find a Date Find Both
Nov 25, 2016

The post Career Advice, Personal Development Coach, Steve Bazemore Show 030 appeared first on
Career Advice, Personal Development, Coaching, legacy planning, habits with Steve Bazemore on today’s show 030 where he tells us about his personal story, provides career advice, personal development coaching and tells us a wake-up call story.

It’s all about startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and those with careers who deep down inside really do want to startup

What we discuss on today’s show:

Steve talks to us about his personal story enjoying life, find your calling and his wake up to call in 2012.

He tells us about the process he developed as a how-to guide for individuals working on their own transformations. He calls it 36 Days to an Extraordinary Life.

The reoccurring themes that he experiences as a Coach and someone in a long term career that he summarizes for the benefit of other aspiring side hustle entrepreneurs, career transition-minded or those looking for help and resources to either startup and grow a business or get something going as you call your side hustle.

So what is personal development coaching

What he thinks are the most common mistakes other career minded or people trying to startup on the side interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?

All about career advice.

The essential understandings entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?

This is our Fast round

So the Next fast round question is sponsored by “audible” your inspirational book” what one book would you recommend as it relates to business family or life

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1) Best business advice you would put up on a bill board

2) Give us a Book in business, family or life:

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

3) Your Best business practices

4) Everyone wants to know what’s the secret ingredients to your success

5) App that you use to help you in business, family or life

6) A quote or mantra that helps you be purposeful and practical – you use to inspire and motivate

7) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most –

8) Fun fact:

9) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today –

10) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind

11) What one thing Contributes most to your success


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The post Career Advice, Personal Development Coach, Steve Bazemore Show 030 appeared first on

Mar 16, 2016


The post Lifestyle Guru, Life Skills That Matter, Stephen Warley Show 003 appeared first on

Lifestyle guru, Stephen Warley, is the entrepreneur, podcast host behind the venture #lifeskillsthatmatter.  The power of his website is that he is so willing to share his own lifestyle experiments to show each of us just what is possible.    The main theme is having the courage to be yourself, continue developing and telling your personal story and stop ignoring your inner voice.   He says start by changing your habits.  Your life is the sum of your habits and "You are what you do"  People feel stuck and he helps people figure out what's holding them back by asking important questions today!  The transition from employee to self employed entrepreneur understand why you want the change, figure out what problem you want to solve, how do you want to work differently.

Success for him being myself 100% of the time because when you’re an employee you cant be in alignment with who you really are - radical to be self employed

For Stephen success and freedom is controlling his time and an example he says is not having to wake up in the morning to an alarm clock.  When you go into business you must clearly define the problem you want to solve and figure out how you are going to get paid for it.   You go into business to help others solve their problems.  On partnerships your partner has to be more than just a friend, they must be aligned with how you work and each must bring their own complimentary strengths to the business.

Entrepreneur's need to be self motivated, create a lot of content and address community issues that need to be solved.  You must get clear on your core habits, answer community questions that solve their problems, don’t get caught up in technical issues but focus on habits first then results.  Before launching his next podcast he is taking his own advice by starting with a blog and creating content first.  He has established the habit of writing 3000 words in the morning then he focuses on the results. 

For self employed entrepreneurs its so important to know your personality, values, motivations, what if anything is holding you back, expectations, work needs and what your energy levels look like throughout the day.  Start today by telling  your story so that when people ask you what you do don’t just tell them what you are doing now tell them what you want to do in the future.  You want to change your future change your mindset today!

Listenup to the rest of this amazing story of this lifestyle guru at my website. Furthermore, to Listen Up to our last Show click here Alex 'Pete' Hart and get the show notes and resource links. For my next interview Mike Chan, Podcast Host, Go and Grow.

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