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Sep 10, 2016

Young Serial Entrepreneur

David Zamarin, Founder & CEO Detrapel and Lick Your Sole

Young serial entrepreneur series. David Zamarin is Founder & CEO of startup Detrapel. David sold his first startup Lick Your Sole when he was 15. As a result of his success  Jeremiah Joseph De Leon recommended that I interview David for my Young Serial Entrepreneur startup series.


I then read more about him through different media outlets like Philadelphia Business Journal, CBS Philly, Fox 29 Philly and more.  Therefore, I decided to feature him on my Young Serial Entrepreneur startup series.  Most noteworthy, was my interview with  Scott Pecoriello Founder of Know Snow App and Meterology Optics.
We discuss crowdfunding and how he balances business, fun and a long list of extracurricular activities.  Also the key to working with mentors and an outside advisory group.


There are so many cleaning and drying products on the market. Detrapel makes it easier as the formula protects your fabrics and materials from getting wet and dirty and helps them appear as they did when you first purchased the item.  David tells us that the spray is hydrophobic which uses nanotechnology to repel almost anything off of almost every surface from water to mud.  The company is once again selling their bottles for retail to consumers.  The product is sold to several industrial business clients and although we didn’t get into any great detail I’m sure consumers could get wholesale prices if they purchased a large enough quantity. DetraPel is 100% eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, Water based, Portable, and in the past provided consumers a 1 year money- back guarantee. It is also Non-flammable, 100% non-toxic, Non-corrosive, UV resistant, Rustproof, and Ice- proof.
We now live in a stain-free world.  I am sure there have been occassion where you have spilled something on your shirt and couldn’t get the stain out – normally that means ruined shirt.

Our Listenup Podcast guest doesn’t disappoint with several words of wisdom:

—Lessons of a young entrepreneur.

—-Programs for high school entrepreneurship.

— Philosophy on crowdfunding.

—- How he learned to balance business, fun and a long list of extracurricular activities.

—– The key to working with mentors and a board of advisory group.

Lick Your Sole rapidly grew with establishing several distribution channels and hit a peak in revenue after partnering with the different sports teams of Temple, Penn, Drexel and other Universities in Philadelphia. Zamarin made a risk decision often faced by many entrepreneurs, whether to continue or not. Zamarin eventually decided to sell the company to someone who was interested in taking over.

Lick Your Sole was a professional shoe detailing service that specialized in cleaning, conditioning and repairing every type of footwear in an original way.
David’s objective at that time was to deliver quality service while providing customer satisfaction. His business acumen was to combine this service with cleaning technology

The opportunity was in restoring the first fresh look and feel of those out of the box shoes you first purchased.

At 15 he got into a youth entrepreneurship program called Startup Corps.  Zamarin was a star student of the Philly Startup Corps program that helps high school students start their own ventures and create something real.  At some point he realized that his business was scalable.

DetraPel came out of this ah ha moment and yet another new opportunity. Listenup to the rest of this amazing story of a young serial entrepreneur at my website.

Fast Round


The best business advice he has received:

A book that has helped you in either business family or life?

One thing that contributes most to his success?

A quote or mantra that he uses to inspire and motivate.

A fun fact about him?

He says that the worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today is?

The word successful brings what one name to his mind?

Two years from what will he be doing?



Three Key Takeaways from the show


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May 14, 2016

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