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Jan 14, 2018

David Zamarin Detrapel Founder Appears on Shark Tank Show 058

David Zamarin, Founder, Detrapel - Check out his first appearance on the Listenup Show via show 025

David sold two of the Sharks on his non-toxic, superhydrophobic spray that repels stains,

Shark Tank, the entrepreneurship reality show that has...

Sep 10, 2016

DetraPel Founder David Zamarin AIRING ON SHARK TANK JANUARY 7TH, 2018.

Shark Tank, the entrepreneurship reality show that has helped entrepreneurs, we can't wait to watch David on the opening of the show's tenth season. Like the Listenup Show and the Mitchell Chadrow podcast Shark Tank is a business-themed show and...

May 14, 2016

WeatherOptics and Know Snow are both apps developed by Scott Pecoriello Founder of  Scott is disrupting meteorology.  You may recall you spoke with another app development company Chop Dawg and their Founder Joshua Davidson.

When Scott was only 16 years old he came up with an amazing idea make an app...