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Listenup Show I Mitchell Chadrow talks with startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and others on building startups smarter several times a month! Why Listenup? Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, startup entrepreneur, career professional, an employee in transition or a successful business owner, or recent retiree, I want to help people just like you. I interview successful professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and find out the resources, tools, tactics, that they use to execute and implement their own personal and business goals. The guest's personal stories provide a roadmap of actionable and executable steps and a wealth of wisdom to help you achieve your own business, family, and life goals and dreams. These stories also provide solutions, practical advice and tips for everyday problems and issues.Startup now at
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Mar 25, 2016


QVC Host On Air Personality, Real Estate Agent, Writer, Social Media Consultant and Relationship Builder.

Susan Matthews from lifestyle makeovers to building businesses through social media she is the go to person.

Read what others are saying about Susan:

"Susan has the same level of passion for home life that I have for politics. 
She knows the game of living well."
Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball and New York Times Best Selling Author

"I may know my trivia but Susan is the champion when it comes to lifestyle tips."
Brad Rutter, All-Time Jeopardy Champion and biggest game show money winner ever

"With Susan Matthews, what you get is a witty, stress-free, 
fun-filled way to deal with decorating - and your life."
Jill Cordes, TV host for the Food Network and HGTV's "Your First Place"
Mar 24, 2016

Startup Podcast Host Mike Chen Show 004

Go and Grow Your Business Help Advice Resources



Startups Smarter, Startup podcast host, Go and Grow Business Advice Help Resources.

My guest on today's show is a startup podcast host and he is the Founder of the Go and Grow Podcast, where he speaks with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to learn how they launch and grow products and companies.

Our guest has also launched and grown a few products and companies and he tells us that he really enjoys it. I think that's why we both like discussing business with similar people and learn how they’ve also done it.

Listenup to hear more about what this podcast is all about, why I really enjoyed interviewing our guest, and how he answered each question.

In addition, to Go and Grow our guest is actually working on a few other things:

He is also co-founder of other companies, which is a real-time, location-based message board where you can share and discover the most relevant content about what’s happening around you.

Also the founder and principal of a Business Consulting, a marketing and strategy consulting firm that helps startups and small businesses get off the ground and grow.

He co-organizes Startups Smarter in an area near you and as previously mentioned the former Senior Director of Strategic Marketing for a profession Hockey Sports and Entertainment.

For fun, he is a big fan of other professional sports teams like me enjoys eating good food.

Locally he attended Lehigh University, went to Georgia Tech, and finished it off with an MBA from NYU Stern.  I think after all the student loans his done with formal school.

He was born in Queens, grew up in Brooklyn and Old Bridge, NJ, but has also lived in Atlanta, San Francisco, and NYC, but now resides in Washington, D.C.




Check out Payment Systems Leader Alex 'Pete' Hart from show 002.  Also Lifestyle Guru's Stephen Warley from show003 and our next guest Susan Matthews for show005.

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Special take away

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guest reminds us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

So I outlined the 30 apps that help you increase productivity, get started and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

So head over to, grab Mitchell Chadrow's ebook, and start being smarter today!

Mar 16, 2016


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Lifestyle guru, Stephen Warley, is the entrepreneur, podcast host behind the venture #lifeskillsthatmatter.  The power of his website is that he is so willing to share his own lifestyle experiments to show each of us just what is possible.    The main theme is having the courage to be yourself, continue developing and telling your personal story and stop ignoring your inner voice.   He says start by changing your habits.  Your life is the sum of your habits and "You are what you do"  People feel stuck and he helps people figure out what's holding them back by asking important questions today!  The transition from employee to self employed entrepreneur understand why you want the change, figure out what problem you want to solve, how do you want to work differently.

Success for him being myself 100% of the time because when you’re an employee you cant be in alignment with who you really are - radical to be self employed

For Stephen success and freedom is controlling his time and an example he says is not having to wake up in the morning to an alarm clock.  When you go into business you must clearly define the problem you want to solve and figure out how you are going to get paid for it.   You go into business to help others solve their problems.  On partnerships your partner has to be more than just a friend, they must be aligned with how you work and each must bring their own complimentary strengths to the business.

Entrepreneur's need to be self motivated, create a lot of content and address community issues that need to be solved.  You must get clear on your core habits, answer community questions that solve their problems, don’t get caught up in technical issues but focus on habits first then results.  Before launching his next podcast he is taking his own advice by starting with a blog and creating content first.  He has established the habit of writing 3000 words in the morning then he focuses on the results. 

For self employed entrepreneurs its so important to know your personality, values, motivations, what if anything is holding you back, expectations, work needs and what your energy levels look like throughout the day.  Start today by telling  your story so that when people ask you what you do don’t just tell them what you are doing now tell them what you want to do in the future.  You want to change your future change your mindset today!

Listenup to the rest of this amazing story of this lifestyle guru at my website. Furthermore, to Listen Up to our last Show click here Alex 'Pete' Hart and get the show notes and resource links. For my next interview Mike Chan, Podcast Host, Go and Grow.

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Mar 15, 2016

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Payment Systems Leader

Alex ‘Pete’ Hart, Chairman Verifone Systems



Payment systems leader, Alex ‘Pete’ Hart, Chairman of Verifone and former President of MasterCard International.
Thanks so much for joining me again this week. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comment section below!

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Alex ‘Pete’ Hart Consumer Finance Business Industry Leader all things banking financial services MasterCard International President and CEO (six years), was President at credit card company Advanta, President/CEO,Chairman of Verifone (credit card terminal company), President of Silicon Valley Bank, former Chairman of the Board HNC software (financial services technology company) now Fair Issac FICO (he was a board member, global payments board), Mitek Systems (on Board of Directors), (mobile capture deposits company).On the Board of Directors at Eharmony and Lending Club, he was also captain of the Harvard football team of 1961 so we are talking to a true leader.

Career longevity 50 years in the financial services industry and the payments side of the business.


The credit card industry and the transition over 50 years transition to the mobile device for displacing credit cards.

Bank of America and Wells Fargo deal NFC atm devices

Quote – Success – “being able to do the things I like to do with the people i like doing them with and feeling as if I am being paid acceptable beyond that there is not a whole lot to it”


Mar 11, 2016

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Hi I am Mitchell Chadrow the Host of the Listenup Show and the Mitchell Chadrow Podcast. I have been providing business advice, resources and help to entrepreneurs for over 20 years and I am looking forward to helping all of you.

Hey everybody Mitchell Chadrow here.
Welcome to this the first listenup show podcast thanks for stopping to the Listeup show podcast which I will be produced several times per week for your entertainment you can find the show notes at come back often and feel free to add the podcast to your favorite RSS feed or iTunes please sign up to my email list for the latest special offers exclusive for our listen up show start-up entrepreneur podcast audience at

Signup for my email list at – I will provide you with full transcripts for each interview, my ebook 30 Tools to Startup, the Startup Checklist and many more education and training materials just by signing up at

The show has three main sponsors:

Web Hosting Companies will sponsor our startup around – I use Hostgator to host all my websites so check out the special offer exclusive to my podcast audience and get 25% off your web hosting package today at


Book distribution companies will sponsor are fast pitch. You will also see my book club recommendations at

Web Graphic Designer Companies will sponsor our wrap-up round: for all my graphic design needs. I was so impressed with the company I interviewed the Founder Christopher Gimmer on Show

You can also follow me on twitter @MitchellChadrow and
The show is for you: students, recent graduates, startup entrepreneurs, career professional thinking about starting up, an employee in transition or someone wanting to startup something on the side, a successful business owner taking your company to the next level or recent retiree looking to startup something new

I hope to help all of you and I will.

I already have an exciting lineup of guests:

Alex Pete Hart former president and CEO of MasterCard International in our show 002;
Susan Matthews the niece of MSNBC Hardball Host Chris Matthews – Show 005.
You have probably heard of the iconic wine brand Barefoot wine I interview Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan that came up with the idea and sold the business and brand to EJ Gallo Winery in Show 010; In show 014 I interview Dean Damian Salas Drexel University Close School of Entrepreneurship.
Tech Startup Angel investor John Richards Godfather of Utah’s Startup Business Scene Show 026
Bay McLaughlin: Show 035 IoT, Internet of Things
Aaron Schumm: Show 034 Fintech Entrepreneur
Stan Silverman: Show 033 Entrepreneurial Leadership
Boost Linguistics: Show 032 Content Marketers
Strados Labs: Healthcare wearable technology Show 031
Young Serial Entrepreneurs: Show 025 Detrapel; Know Snow Meteorology Made Easy Scott Pecoriello Show 012
Young Nonprofit Leader Show 022 Latino Professionals for America Association University of Delaware
Digital Real Estate Expert Michael Giangiordano II, Founder And CEO At Rental Rater Show 021
Combat Homelessness Non profit leaders show 020

The topics are just as interesting: Hardware Internet of Things, Fintech, angel investors, app developers, content marketers, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, wearable technology, augmented and virtual reality, marketing strategy, entrepreneurial education, product development, business leadership, career advice, estate and business planning, finance, bootstrapping financial services and so much more.

Tech Entrepreneur, technology software application.Digital Marketing. Motivational Speakers.


Why Listenup – the guest’s stories provide a roadmap of actionable and executable steps and a wealth of wisdom to help you achieve your own business family and life goals and dreams. You will discover your own path and your own way but our guests and the trust friends community are here to let you know you are not alone and it is possible to do it.


The types of questions I ask: I ask about their personal story. You can find my story at One best piece of business advice received? I discuss life changing moments, the executed steps they took to get them through from startup to launch to final success. I ask them what contributes most to their success and the key challenges they encountered.



The reason I chose Hostgator to sponsor my startup round was because students, business owners, those individuals that want to startup something new need a presense online and they need a web hosting company they can trust and count on to be reliable and helpful so I teamed up with the good folks at Hostgator where they offer my podcast audience 25% their web hosting package. Check them out that is Start your plan today.



How you benefit for the guests stories: these stories provide practical solutions, resources, advice and tips for your everyday problems and issues learn step-by-step detailed actionable and executable things that you can learn from an implement in your own business life-changing moment – aha moment learn from their own adversity and the actions that they took to overcome those setback.



The fastpitch round will be sponsored by audible and we learn more about our guest’s favorite books and my favorites for my book club just go over to


In the fast pitch round I cover many fun questions to help us learn more about our guests:

their favorite book, quote, hero, app, resources for under $100, what contributes most to their success and bad advice to stay away from.

The reason I chose Audbile to sponsor my fast pitch round: that’s easy I love books and audible is owned by a powerful company Amazon that stands behind all their products: audible was willing to offer an exclusive free 30-day trial to my podcast listeners with one free audiobook download – if any listener doesn’t like their book Audible will exchange it for you and you can cancel at anytime and audible allows you to keep your free download, you can choose from over 180,000 bestsellers, new releases, classics and more – I recommend the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch so dream big, get inspired and listenup



At the end of the show, the guests provide us with three main takeaways, special links, and resources and how we can keep in touch.



Snappa sponsors the wrap-up round because as a startup podcast I was not going to hire my own graphic designer but I needed help with my graphics for all my social media and when I found out more about the Founder I interviewed him in Show 028.



In closing let me ask for my listener's help

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