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Hello Trusted Friends! Welcome to the Listenup Show the Mitchell Chadrow Podcast.

Apr 13, 2018

Fannie O’Linn Chadron Nebraska Dawes County Northwestern Panhandle Founder Attorney Teacher Show 062

Chadron The Northwestern Nebraska Panhandle town founded by Frances Maria Brainard O'Linn

Show 062

I'm Mitchell Chadrow and this is the Listen Up Show Podcast

Fanny was not only the founder of a town she...

Apr 1, 2018

Winston Churchill Business Startup Entrepreneurship Lessons Learned Show 061

If I could interview someone Winston Churchill would top on my list and as business owners, startups and those wanting to learn lessons of entrepreneurship you must listen up to today's show 061.

Winston Churchill was a soldier, a historian, a...

Jan 27, 2018

Online Marketplace Private Loans Insurtech Meets Fintech

Michael VanErdewyk, ReliaMax Founder and CEO

HEMAR was started in 1986 as a private student loan insurance company.  In 1996 Sallie Mae purchased HEMAR but HEMAR could only insure loans originated by Sallie.  Mike started...

Jan 21, 2018

What does America's student loan market debt of $1.4 trillion mean to you?

How to benefit from the latest online student loan marketplace technology in the US.

How to really apply for loans and get help funding your education.

Family student loan options and education assistance.

Stephen Dash Credible Founder and CEO...

Jan 14, 2018

David Zamarin Detrapel Founder Appears on Shark Tank Show 058

David Zamarin, Founder, Detrapel - Check out his first appearance on the Listenup Show via show 025

David sold two of the Sharks on his non-toxic, superhydrophobic spray that repels stains,

Shark Tank, the entrepreneurship reality show that has...